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The Sexy AF Bundle will help you call in  sexy, sensual, feminine energy. It can also help bring out your wild, spontaneous, adventurous side. Light this bundle when you want to feel more sexy, confident, and beautiful in your own skin. This bundle can also help if you want to call in sweetness, gentleness, modesty, understanding & empathy.


The Sexy AF Bundle is made with Dragon's Blood, Roses, Rose Petals, Orange & a Clear Quartz crystal. 



Dragon's Blood is known to help bring out your wild and sexy side. 


Oranges have been used for centuries for love, divination, luck & money. For this bundle, the intention for the orange is love, and not just love in general, but SELF LOVE. In order to feel these energies of beauty and sexiness, you need to find that love within yourself. 


Roses/Rose Petals hold the highest frequency of all plants in the world. Roses have been used for thousands of years for healing, love, psychic powers & so much more. The intention of the roses in this bundle is to ward off negative energies. Roses have the ability to eliminate energies in your energy field that are unnatural and foreign to your essential and native way of being. 


Clear Quartz crystal is known as the "Master Healer".  It absorbs, restores, releases & regulates energy. Clear Quartz repels negative energy of all kinds from electromagnetic smog to bad attitude and people. This crystal balances on a  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 


Before using, make sure that will not be interrupted, set an intention & pray. This is a very sacred time for you to connect with yourself & Source energy. 

Sexy AF Bundle

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