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Spiritualhood was created to help guide & teach others how to heal with ancient practices passed down from our ancestors in the modern world. 

This platform was designed to make people from all walks of life feel comfortable to express & practice spirituality.

Our mission is to keep it real, maintain respect for yourself & others while encouraging & providing tools to become the best version of yourself.


Hi my name is Monique Magaña and I am the founder of Spiritualhood. It has become my life's purpose & mission to bring back ancient traditions & rituals done with prayer & intention & educate the community on spirituality & energy healing.


My goal is to spread this healing in various different ways & help people connect to God, themselves & their ancestors.

Looking forward to being of service.

Love, Blessings & Gratitude,

Monique Magaña

Founder of Spiritualhood

Spiritualhood was founded & is operated in San Diego, California.

If you're interested in our journey & what we're about follow us on:

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