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The Rich AF Bundle will help you manifest money, success, protection & abundance. 


The Rich AF Bundle is made of Blue Sage, Rose Petals, Roses, Cinnamon, Baby's Breath & a Citrine crystal.


Blue sage also known as "Grandmother Sage". Its smell isnt as strong as White Sage. All herbs used for smudging, get rid of nergative energy. Blue sage is known to bring in health, weath & success/prosperity. 


Roses have the highest frequency of all plants. They have the ability to eliminate negative energy.The high frequency energy of roses can help when manifesting money, wealth, & material desires.


Baby's Breath symbolizes purity.


Cinnamon helps you manifest things faster. It brings in money, love, protection, happiness & abundance.


Citrine crystal promotes success, wealth & motivation.


Before using, make sure that will not be interrupted, set an intention & pray. This is a very sacred time for you to connect with yourself & Source energy.

Rich AF Bundle

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