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Romantic AF Bundle is created to help open and heal your heart. It helps to open your heart to feel unconditional love towards yourself and others.


This bundle is especially helpful if you're going through a heartbreak. It will help get through the hard times and bring out the inner wisdom you have inside to help you heal.


The heart chakra rules love, breath, balance, relationships & unity. Its known to control romance &  relationships. When your heart chakra's needs are met, you feel loved, cared for, and love for yourself. Having a calm & content heart is the true nature of a balanced heart chakra. 


Rose is such a versatile & magical flower. It has so many different ways you can use it. Roses have the highest vibrational frequency of all the plants. Burning dried roses gets rid of negative energy and it also a great way to manifest prosperity.   


Sage clears all energy. Its a master cleanser & master healer. When you burn sage, it helps bring out deep wisdom within yourself. It helps get in touch with your inner guidance.  It clears your mind, strengthens your mental clarity  & calms your emotions. Sage is great for deep healing & getting out of a dark place. It helps with emotional pain, anxiety & it is very grounding.


Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It purifies & opens the heart on all levels to promote love, self love, friendship & deep inner healing & feelings of peace. 


Bundle comes with sage, rose petals, roses & a rose quartz crsystal.


Before using, make sure that will not be interrupted, set an intention & pray. This is a very sacred time for you to connect with yourself & Source energy.

Romantic AF Bundle

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