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Desert Sage is not related to White Sage. It is part of the Artemisias species. It is in the same family as Mugwort & Wormwood. 


Desert Sage is the best herb to use for dreams and banishing. This herb is fierce yet gentle kind of like a strict grandparent. Desert Sage brings in wisdom & deep connection to the Earth and opens the gate to the spirit realm. 


Desert Sage is a great herb to use for meditation & dreaming because it increases visuals. Burn sage before meditation of before you go to sleep.


Desert Sage is a great banishing herb. It gets rid of stuck/stagnant energy. It helps remove entities or energy you dont like/want. Its best to always clear energy that brings chaos, stress & bad vibes. 


Before using, make sure that will not be interrupted, set an intention & pray. This is a very sacred time for you to connect with yourself & Source energy.

Desert Magic Sage

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