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All smudging herbs get rid of negativity energy, and they all help heal in a special way. Each herb does something different in addition to getting rid of the negative energy.


In this Blessed Box, you get one bundle of seven different types of smudging herbs. 


Blessed Box includes:


-Dragons Blood


-White Sage


-Desert Sage

-Purple Sage

-Blue Sage


*Includes Blessed Box Guide


Healing properties:


Dragon's Blood brings in love & protection. Its great for digging deep & doing some deep soul healing. You can also burn Dragon's Blood when you're feeling adventurous or want to get wild. Dragon's Blood is a very sexy herb & can bring out passions and senuality. It can represent blood, bones, sex, death, love & protection.


Juniper is a great herb to burn when you want to clear your mind & sharpen your mental awareness. It not only gets rid of negative energy, it also protects you from it, putting an extra layer of protection around you. After using a banishing herb like White Sage, Blue Sage or Dragon's Blood, you can burn Juniper to create a more safe, protected, positive  & sacred space for healing, journaling, meditation or prayer. 


White Sage is a master healer. It helps us get in touch with our inner wisdom & guidance. White Sage clears your thoughts and calms your emotions. It strengthens your mental clarity & works really good for getting you out of a dark place. It also helps with anxiety & emotional pain.


Cedar is a great herb to burn when you want to eliminate  fear. With intention, it gives you strength, courage & confidence.  Cedar is grounding, centering & calming to the soul. It helps to heal old truama by relieving grief from the heart & the lungs.


Desert Sage is the best herb to use for dreams and banishing. Burn Desert Sage before bed if you want to increase your visuals or if you need to banish negativity energy/entities. It helps to get rid of stuck/stagnant energy. This herb is fierce yet gentle, kind of like a strict grandparent. Desert Sage brings in wisdom & deep connection to the Earth & opens the gate to the spirit realm.

*Desert Sage is not related to White Sage. Desert Sage is part of the Artemisias species and is in the same family as Mugwort & Wormwood.


Purple Sage is used to attact true love, unconditional love or positive people in your life, depending on your intention. It brings people into your life that have a genuine heart. Purple Sage can also make you feel loving & warm insid & can bring out your loving side. It has been used for love work, attraction, calmness & tranquility. 


Blue Sage, also known as "Grandmother Sage", is a great heeb to use when you want to manifest more money and abundance in your life. It is known to bring health, wealth & success. It doesn't smell as strong as White Sage but has a sweet smell to it.  Blue Sage can be used to support spiritual strength & can  remove wicked/negative spirits.



Blessed Box

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